Virtual Bitcoin Event Keyfest To Be Held In January Today


Casa, a Bitcoin security company, will host a virtual festival celebrating the past, present, and future of personal keys. On January 5-7, Keyfest 2022 will gather prominent Bitcoiners to discuss wallet security, financial sovereignty, privacy, and what makes it all possible – private keys.

“We created Keyfest 2021 to celebrate private keys and to educate the Bitcoin community on the potential and practical applications of this burgeoning technology,” Casa said in a statement.

The festival will hone into what makes Bitcoin unique – the capacity to enjoy digital sovereignty – which stands in stark contrast to the way the traditional financial system works. While banks and corporations often hold customers’ assets in custody, irrespective of their nature, Bitcoin enables individuals to reclaim ownership over their property through a peer-to-peer network based on cryptography.

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