The Weaponization Of Money And Financial Rails Must End Today

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For decades, people all over the world have seen money weaponized in the constant, pointless, deadly and unethical geopolitical games played by a handful of sociopathic “leaders” who believe the world is nothing more than a spherical game board upon which they play their “Great Game,” where territories are fought over and captured, fortunes made and lost and the people of Earth are nothing more than cattle.

They are able to do this because they have absolute control over the form and supply of the money that the people of the world are forced to use. It is through this fraudulent “fiat currency” that their ability to steal from the population by stealth is achieved, executed and entrenched, diverting the spending power of billions of people into their perverted mass murder war machines and anti human evils like socialism, “regime change,” innumerate childish ideas like “universal basic income” and every other insane nonsense the febrile minds of the statists can concoct in their fever dreams of world domination. If you want to learn about this in detail, you should read, “What Has Government Done To Our Money?” by Murray Rothbard.