The Bitcoin Epoch And Mohandas K. Gandhi Today

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Quotes beneath headers are attributed to Mohandas K. Gandhi.

My goal in writing this piece is not simply to provide the reader with a small window into Mohandas Gandhi as a thinker, teacher, guru and mortal man, but to see how we might extrapolate Gandhi’s teachings into this moment in which we are bearing witness to the birth of a brand new epoch — the Bitcoin Epoch. I honestly believe that Bitcoin can help bring Gandhi’s vision to fruition.

Mohandas Gandhi was a lawyer, educated in Britain, who during his lifetime became a human rights activist and spokesperson for the end of British colonial rule of India. Gandhi was also a religious man, a Hindu. He lived in a world in which two of the world’s major religions, Hinduism and Islam, both coexisted and came into profound conflict. His story is well documented. You can learn more about his life if you are so inclined.