Solo Bitcoin Miner With Only 120 TH Finds Valid Block Today


A solo miner won a 6.25 BTC reward on Tuesday, worth about $265,600 at the time of writing, after being able to add a new valid block to the Bitcoin network with a hashrate capacity of just about 120 TH/s in the mining pool Solo CK.

“Congratulations to a bitcoin miner with only 126TH who solved a solo block on,” Solo CK administrator, Dr. Con Kolivas, tweeted.

The miner, which according to Solo CK pool stats is an individual worker, won the bitcoin mining lottery when odds were against them. Kolivas explained there is “about a 1 in 10,000 chance of finding a block per day with that hashrate.” For perspective, their 120 TH/s hashrate equals 0.00012 EH/s and accounts for about 0.0000007% of the total Bitcoin network hash rate. Most public bitcoin miners have a hashrate capacity between 1 and 5 EH/s, more than 10,000 times greater than this solo miner’s capacity.

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