Remember These 3 Things Before Buying and Selling Crypto Assets

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Crypto investment is becoming a new idol among the public, especially among young people. They are competing to invest to get a lot of money.

In the last four years, crypto investment has become popular and has become a new investment choice in the community. Especially when the Covid-19 pandemic hit almost all over the world, making many people lose their jobs.

Well, that’s when crypto investments appeared which seemed to be the community’s solution in the midst of a pandemic. With only a little capital, investors can get the money that is many times over. No doubt, from ordinary people to conglomerates flocking to the world of crypto.

However, not a few of the investors are not equipped with sufficient knowledge about the workings and conditions of the crypto world. They just get involved in investing because of the influence of friends and the news. Well, those of you who want to enter the crypto world must know the following three things so that the money you invest can increase.

Variable evaluation of cryptocurrency assets

Before deciding what cryptocurrency you want to buy, you should first identify the types of cryptocurrencies and how they work. One of the easiest ways to evaluate crypto assets is by visiting the official website.

Find out the service fee

Always pay attention to the number of fees and spreads. Spread is the difference between the price of the highest buy order and the lowest selling price.

Choose a legal media exchange

To ensure investment security, choose a media exchange that is official and registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappebti). Bappebtiis authorized to regulate the mechanism of digital crypto trading in Indonesia.

So far, there are 13 companies that have been registered with Bappebtias crypto traders. Beginner investors can be more careful in making long-term investments using digital currencies.