Pepsi is replacing Sierra Mist, a lemon-lime soda brand that launched in 1999, with the new lemon-lime soda brand called Starry.

The new caffeine-free soda is the latest beverage brand in Pepsi’s portfolio. The company describes as “great-tasting soda bursting with lemon lime flavor.”

Starry is marketing its brand primarily to Gen Z customers with the slogan “Starry Hits Different.”

The company has released a regular and zero sugar option of the lemon-lime drink.

According to CNN, Pepsi made the decision to ditch Sierra Mist, a competitor to Coca-Cola’s Sprite, because it had less than 1% of the soda market. Also, sales had been declining steadily since 2018.

Pepsi attempted to revive their lemon-lime soda offering in the past. There was a brief time where Sierra Mist underwent a name change in 2016 and was called “Mist Twist.”

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