More NFL Players Are Taking Their Salaries In Bitcoin Today

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This is a recording of a recent Twitter Spaces conversation about NFL player, Alex Barrett, taking 100% of his salary in bitcoin.

Listen To This Twitter Spaces:


[0:06] Bitwage: Can I get things started here? It’s really cool to have everyone in the audience today. This was a big day for us. This was a big day for Bitcoin. It’s a big day for Alex Barrett for him personally. Before we get into that and explain what just happened, if you don’t know what Bitwage is, we’re the world’s largest Bitcoin payroll invoicing and benefits platform.We’ve been in this space for a while. We’ve been here since 2014 and lately, we’ve been doing a major marketing campaign where we’re trying to really push the needle on adaption and getting a lot of different athletes and influencers involved in the Bitcoin mission. As Q referenced, our last ambassador partnership was with Matheus Nicolau, who is up here on stage with us. We were working with him to get a percentage of his paycheck in Bitcoin.And yeah, Alex was in that room. That’s where this all started. We reached out to him after that room. We discovered how bullish he was, how passionate he was aboutBitcoin. We brought him on down to Miami when we were at the conference. Like this needs to be said but you guys just killed it at this conference. That definitely needs to be said. This year’s conference was just such a success from an attendee’s point of views. Congratulations on that. Yeah. When Alex was there, he loved the energy. He was just like, “Yo, I am all in. I am loving this.” After that, we flew out to San Francisco where he’s at. We did like a VIP concierge service with him. We got him all set up. We shot some videos with him. And fast forward to today and now we made this announcement and he’s decided to take 100% percent of his salary with his team in Bitcoin, which is just huge.I mean, sometimes, you hear about these announcements and you’re hearing these players take a percentage, a small fraction, but he just made such a bullish example by taking straight up a hundred percent. So, I just think that’s so incredible. Alex, we’d love to hear your first thoughts about this whole thing and why you decided to do this.