Is Channel Jamming A Threat To Bitcoin’s Lightning Network? Today


(Special thanks to Antoine Riard and Gleb Naumenko, whose recent research is the basis of this article.)

Channel jamming is one of the outstanding problems of the Lightning Network in terms of things that could disrupt the success of payments routed across it. It is a widely known problem among developers that has been understood since before the network itself actually went live on mainnet and started processing even a single satoshi.

So far the issue has not really had any negative effects on the network, but when considering that fact, it is important to keep in mind that the network is still, in the grand scheme of things, relatively small. Merchant processors have started supporting it, as have a few exchanges and lots of Lightning/Bitcoin native services and businesses, but in reality, that is not much. The network is still very much a small thing predominantly used by Bitcoiners, and that is not a very large portion of the world at all.

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