Indonesian Crypto Tokenoid Offers Investment While Playing Games

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Indonesian crypto-asset Tokenoid ($NOID) is constantly trying to attract investors in a unique way. The latest, they offer the concept of playing games while investing.

With this concept, they invite creative industry players, both gamers and designers, to be given the opportunity and space to invest in digital coins.

Tokenoid initiator Andry Bayu Pakoso said, uniting blockchain and games in the world of digital currency or cryptocurrency is not something new.

With this idea, Tokenoid is present as a token made in Indonesia with a strong backbone of the gamer community.

“Tokenoid started as a game studio created for game finance that is connected to the blockchain. Tokenoid is here as a forum for game hobbyists and gives them the opportunity to invest,” said Andry in a statement in Jakarta, Wednesday (11/3/2021).

Andry also said that so far playing games has always been associated as an activity for laypeople, which is just a waste of time. Playing games is not far from negative stigma.

“This is what underlies the birth of Tokenoid, why isn’t the game connected to the blockchain, so that gamers and gamers are literate in investments including crypto. Games and blockchain are digital-based creative industries. In other words, through Tokenoid making games, or just 3D modeling games, not only focusing on conventional but also entering the realm of crypto and investment,” said Andry.

Although the initial segment is specifically for gamers, investors who want to trade can also take advantage of Tokenoid without having to try the game. However, gamers, will get reward tokens every time they play the game platform provided.

The pre-sale will be carried out on the pinksale platform and Andry and his team are targeting a soft cap of 400BNB or the equivalent of US$200,000 and a hard cap target of 800BNB or the equivalent of US$400,000.

“Why we chose BNB, because Tokenoid itself, is on the Binance blockchain network where the main currency is BNB. Furthermore, after being released on the market legally, later $NOID itself, can be converted into various types of other cryptocurrencies,” said Andry.

Altogether, there are 25 million Tokenoid supplies that will be marketed directly on the blockchain and the game. While currently released during the pre-sale is 40 percent of the total supply.

The base price of $NOID at pre-sale is 12,950 coins per 1 BNB or equivalent to Rp500 per one $NOID coin. During the presale, the minimum transaction (minimum buy) at PinkSale is 0.1 BNB, and a maximum of 5 BNB. Less than 24 hours or after the Presale is complete, investors can claim the tokens that have been traded.

In the long term, Andry is optimistic that Tokenoid will be able to become a domestic digital backbone coin that will collaborate with other blockchains as well as developers and creators to open up the horizons of young people, especially about digital assets and crypto investment.

“Tokenoid will continue to develop products along with the NFT marketplace, collaborating with designers, gamers, influencers to massively educate the Indonesian people,” concluded Andry.