How to Mine Bitcoin on Android, Perfect for Beginners

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Bitcoin is one of the most popular digital currencies throughout 2021. All people are competing to invest in this virtual currency.

Actually, there are 2 ways to own this virtual currency, namely by mining Bitcoin and buying directly on sites that serve the sale of crypto money.

Mining Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin is like mining gold. Mining can be done with computers and software on Bitcoin mining servers.

For Bitcoin mining, miners need very powerful computers, large electricity, and super-fast internet. Later, the computer will run the software that connects the miners to the Bitcoin blockchain and solves mathematical problems.

Not only that, but you can also mine Bitcoin through your Android phone. Here are 5 ways to mine Bitcoin on Android.

6 Trusted Cloud Mining Sites You Can Trust
A little miner is digging on the graphic card with a golden coin. bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency concept.

How to Mine Bitcoin with MinerGate Mobile Miner

Minergate is one of the most popular and frequently used applications for mining Bitcoin on PC. But Minergate also provides another version that you can use through your Android phone. Here’s how to use it:

Download App

Download Minergate on Google Play Store.

Account Registration

While waiting for the download process, you can register on the page.

Choose Mining Option

After creating an account, two options will appear, namely mobile mining and also buying cloud mining.

Mobile mining uses a system on a smartphone chip, whereas buying cloud mining means you need to spend some money.

Account Login and Start Mining

After logging in and logging in as a miner then you can choose the type of cryptocurrency you want to dig.

The higher the specifications of the smartphone you use, the greater your chance to get Bitcoin.

As a user, you have control over the activities you perform, such as increasing or decreasing the number of processor cores that will be used to mine Bitcoin.

Not only that, but you can also set the schedule of the mining process, such as pausing and resuming it and also setting the speed of the mining process.

Best Alternative Mining Apps for Android Phones

Here are the best alternative android apps for mining

AA Miner

This application for mining bitcoin is highly recommended for those of you who don’t like Bitcoin applications that advertise.

AA Miner is a mining application that does not have any advertisements or offers to buy in-app features or also known as In-App Purchase.

Apart from Bitcoin, the AA Miner program supports more than 50 other cryptocurrencies, as well as supports the CryptoNight mining algorithm.

With AA Miner, you are also given the possibility to determine the number of chains. Chain is the number of cores of the processor used to mine Bitcoin.

Crypto Miner

The third application that you can use is Crypto Miner. When compared to MinerGate, Crypto Miner still has several drawbacks, namely, it does not have a complete layer as MinerGate.

Even so, Crypto Miner is still reliable because it supports Bitcoin and a number of other cryptocurrencies.

One thing you need to remember is that in Crypto Miner, not all crypto algorithms you can get for free. To access your favorite crypto algorithm, you need to pay around IDR 32 thousand.

Droid Miner

Another way you can mine Bitcoin through your Android phone is to use the Droid Miner app, which you can get for free.

Besides being able to mine Bitcoin, the Droid Miner application can also mine other types of cryptocurrencies. This application also provides various settings that you can use, such as activating and pausing the mining process.

Another specialty of Droid Miner is that there are no ad frills that can interfere with mining activities.

NeonNeon Miner

NeonNeon Miner is the last application that you can use to mine Bitcoin through your Android phone.

In addition to being able to mine Bitcoin, NeonNeon also supports other types of cryptocurrencies, just like the previous application.

The advantage of this application is that it has detailed mining records, as well as an excellent automatic configuration script.

Those are the five applications that you can use to mine Bitcoin via Android phones. Good luck!

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