How The Freedom Convoy Could Have Protected Donation Privacy With Whirlpool Today

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All Bitcoin transactions are public, anyone can look at them. There is nothing special required to view every Bitcoin transaction that has ever occured — they are all publicly available on the blockchain. You don’t need a node, just a simple block explorer website will do, such as, or Blockstream Explorer. You can assume that your adversaries are watching.

What isn’t stored on the blockchain are your personally-identifying details such as your name, address, phone number, etc. That information is cataloged externally by third parties such as your employer, your brokerage/exchange or possibly a fundraiser that you donated to and volunteered that information to. If your employer paid you in bitcoin, then they would be able to follow your public transactions and see that you made a donation to a fundraiser, for example. Likewise, the organizer of the fundraiser would be able to see the history of your Bitcoin transactions and they would know how much bitcoin you had going into the transaction where you sliced off a small portion to donate.