How Mining Pools Adapt To Changing Market Conditions Today


Mining pools are important to the Bitcoin ecosystem because they allow small bitcoin miners to collect rewards for their hash rate. Small-time miners are very unlikely to find a block and receive the block reward on their own. Mining pools improve the chances of individual miners finding a block because the pool groups the hash rates of all the miners in the pool, acting as one big miner.

A group of mining pool specialists sat down together at the mining stage at Bitcoin 2022 to discuss the state of mining pools and ways that the pools are evolving for both retail and industry miners. The panel consisted of Leo Zhang, the founder of Annica Research, Nick Hansen; the CEO and co-founder of Luxor; Jay Beddict, the director of research at Foundry; Denny Xing, the business development manager of Poolin; and Edward Evenson, the head of business development at Slush Pool and Braiins.

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