Get to know Mekaverse NFT and how it works

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As is well known, in making an NFT project it is necessary to balance the focus between the digital and the real world.

In addition, the support from a team of experienced artists and designers is also one of the important points so that NFT projects can soar and survive in the market.

An example of its application is the MekaVerse NFT which was released on October 7, 2021. This NFT managed to attract the attention of thousands of people. Amazingly, within 24 hours of its launch, the total volume of MekaVerse traded on OpenSea reached 13,900 ETH.

Then, what is MekaVerse NFT?. How does it work?. Here’s the explanation

What is MekaVerse?

MekaVerse is a collection of 8.8 thousand generative Mekas that draw elements from all of Japan’s Mecha elements. Mecha is a term that refers to a science idea and a science fiction genre that refers to a robot or a giant machine controlled by humans. In short, Mecha is described as a giant robot.

This art style is unique because it is different from most collections that are generally launched on the OpenSea platform or other marketplaces.

This digital idea about MekaVerse will not only be realized in an NFT work. However, later there will be Meka Multiverse through collaboration with other franchises and projects.

It didn’t stop there, the making of short films was also included in MekaVerse’s road map, citing CoinMarketCap.

How MekaVerse Works

MekaVerse works the same way as other NFT collections. The first step taken by the Meka team was to introduce 8.8 thousand Meka collections to the public, especially for Japanese anime lovers. Later each Meka will have a unique Lore.

As part of Lore, Meka is divided into four factions, namely the original Meka, Mirage, F9, and Gadians. Later, the owner of the NFT will become part of one of the existing factions. Furthermore, each holder will gain access to exclusive events on Discord, Twitter, and other platforms.

MekaVerse NFT Price

Launching NFT-Stats, 3,123 MekaVerse were successfully sold with a total sales volume of US$58.56 million or equivalent to Rp825 million in just seven days after its launch.

The average price for one MekaVerse NFT is 18.8 thousand US dollars or equivalent to Rp. 265 million. In fact, this collection surpassed Cool Cats, which had been popular on the volume chart for 30 days.

The Uniqueness of MekaVerse

The following are some of the things that make the NFT Meka collection unique.

Japanese Mecha Inspired Art Style

One of the things that make this collection stand out from the rest is that it was inspired by the Mecha world. Mecha itself is a term that refers to science and science fiction concepts about robots or giant machines.

Mecha is also very popular in Japan as an entertainment genre and subculture that has printed many works. This work is in the form of manga and anime, one of the most popular being Gundam.

Unlike Meka’s art style which is on a different level, most NFT projects now focus on pixel art.

Lastly, graphic artists Mattey and Matt B have put together a compelling visual collection that highlights the potential of digital collectibles on the blockchain. Each of the 8,888 designs presented, is unique and looks very different from one another.

His Roadmap

Another unique aspect of NFT Meka is the Roadmap it has. Apart from launching NFT through the OpenSea platform, the Meka team apparently has another goal, namely to introduce MekaVerse printing in 3D.

The team will start realizing Meka not only digitally, but also in real life. The members of the team behind MekaVerse plan to make streetwear clothing and merchandise.

Artist Collaboration and Building the Meka Multiverse

In an effort to develop the new Meka series, the design team will collaborate with other NFT artists. All sales proceeds will later be given to artists who collaborate with the Meka team.

Building the Meka Multiverse is another important part of the existing roadmap. Exploring many more abstract subjects to give birth to new NFT work can help enlarge the MekaVerse Multiverse.

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