FTX and Gaming Companies Hold Axie Infinity Tournament

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The Gaming Company has partnered with Hooga Hooga Gaming, Lorcan Gaming, Putra Gaming and FTX, to introduce the first Axie Infinity Tournament FTX GalAxie Cup.

Registration will be open from October 25 to November 14, 2021, for gamers around the world.

Axie Infinity is a turn-based strategy game where players collect creatures known as Axies to fight against each other in an arena.

The game uses Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, AXS, and Smooth Love Potion (SLP) as in-game currency that can be converted into real money.

The FTX GalAxie Cup will kick off with an Influencer Tournament on November 27, 2021, followed by a Pro Tournament the following day. While the Influencer Tournament is only open to selected Guilds and their nominated representatives.

The Pro Tournament is open to the public, participants are required to register as a team of three, and the individual MMR of its members will be recorded and averaged as the team’s MMR. MMR.

The eight teams with the highest MMR will be eligible to participate in the event.

Each team will be given Axies which will be used during the tournament. While any given Axies will be identical in terms of suit, cards and stats, the number of Axies awarded will vary to give players a variety of differences that may prove profitable.

Accordingly, the Ban/Pick Phase will be held, and all information about the Axies will be provided prior to the match day on the official FTX GalAxie Cup website at www.galaxiecup.com.

Axie Infinity Tournament Prize

Here are the prizes up for grabs for Influencers and Pro Tournaments


Champion40 AXS
Runner Up20 AXS
3rd – 4th Place12 AXS
5th – 8th Place6 AXS

In doing their part during such difficult times, the FTX GalAxie Cup will donate 100% of the Influencer Tournament prize pool to charity.

Pro Tournament

Champion105 AXS
Runner Up55 AXS
2nd Runner Up32 AXS

As one of the leading esports marketing agencies in Southeast Asia, TGC has 17 years of experience and several successful tournaments to its name.

“Since our inception, our goal has always been to improve the gaming community across Southeast Asia through our 360-degree solutions. The FTX GalAxie Cup is a tournament we were excited to plan for, and now that it’s started, we can’t wait to connect with the growing community of gamers”, said Adrian Gaffor, Group Chief Executive Officer, TGC.

Khai Chun from Hooga Hooga Gaming added, “With the expertise of TGC, as well as the support of FTX and the collective creativity of the guilds from the Axie Infinity community, we have no doubt that the FTX GalAxie Cup will become a professional esports competition with high production values, thus benefiting esports. view. This tournament will not be like any other tournament out there. Our creative format in the FTX Galaxie Cup will be a stepping stone from play-to-earn gaming in the professional esports scene.”