Core Scientific Mined Over 1K Bitcoin For The Second Month In A Row Today


Public bitcoin miner Core Scientific produced 1,077 BTC last month, a 315% increase year-over-year as its self-mining fleet reached 75,000 bitcoin mining rigs outputting 7.5 exahashes per second (EH/s) in hashrate capacity.

Core Scientific’s production increased slightly from December when it mined 1,044 bitcoin. The miner deposited all of the bitcoin it mined in January into custody; it held 6,373 bitcoin as of January 31, up from 5,296 BTC in the previous month.

In addition to operating its own mining farms, Core Scientific also provides hosting services to a group of customers that amount to 7.1 EH/s. In total, the miner operates over 14 EH/s of hashrate capacity.

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