CoinCorner Released A Lightning NFC Card For Bitcoin Today

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  • CoinCorner has released The Bolt Card, an NFC-enabled Lightning card.
  • Similar to a Visa, users would just tap their card on a Lightning-enabled POS to spend bitcoin.
  • CoinCorner and BTCPay Server gateways are supported with multiple vendors and more to come.

CoinCorner, a leader in bitcoin and Lightning Network services, has announced The Bolt Card – a contactless, near-field-communication (NFC) card powered by Lightning – via a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

The Bolt Card allows users to simply tap any Lightning-enabled point-of-sale (POS) creating an almost instantaneous transaction processed through the Lightning Network in seconds. The legacy payment infrastructure system plays no role in any of the processing. The process is similar to the tap function of a Visa or Mastercard, without the settlement delays, processing fees, or centralized entities.