CleanSpark Announced Year To Date BTC Production And Mining Facility Investment Today


  • CleanSpark produced 581 BTC from January 1st, to February 28th.
  • CleanSpark continues to hold 494 BTC after the conversion of 253 BTC for business operating expenses focused on the sustainable Norcross Facility.
  • The Norcross facility was expected to increase mining efficiency by 20%.

CleanSpark, Inc. (Nasdaq: CLSK), a bitcoin mining and energy company focused on sustainability, released their bitcoin production and operations update for this year up to February 28th in a press release.

For February, CleanSpark mined 276 BTC worth more than $11,738,600, while their year-to-date production is 581 BTC worth over $24,710,800. Current holdings after the conversion of 253 BTC worth $10,766,000 for business operations left CleanSpark with a total of 494 BTC worth over $21,021,400. February reached a daily production height of 10.15 BTC.

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