Building New Grids To Support Local Communities And Strengthen The Bitcoin Network Today

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Bitcoin mining specialists sat down together to discuss how mining companies can work with local grids to strengthen electricity production and distribution at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in a panel titled “Building New Grids.”

The panel was moderated by Zack Voell. The panelists included Paul Prager, who is the CEO Terawulf, Sergii Gerasymovych, the founder and CEO of EZ Blockchain, Zachary K. Bradford, the CEO of Spark and Harry Sudock, vice president of strategy for GRIID.

The panelists started the discussion defining the grid and how power generation and distribution work. Sudock explained the different parts. Energy is generated when, “The turbine spins. There are many different ways to make the turbine spin, but that’s what creates power. Then it gets moved. Then it gets delivered.”