Bitcoin Songsheet: How Fiat Debased Art Today

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I hate Pablo Picasso’s art.

The art is grotesque, ugly and reminds me of a ransom letter. I hate it because it’s confusing, purposefully opaque and it feels like the artist is pimp slapping me across the face. But most of all, the art is pretentious, pretending to be something meaningful when it’s empty and vain. It’s the embodiment of the elitist liberal arts professor with the elbow-patched sport coat.

I’ve expressed this on more than one occasion and I’m told by the Picasso apologists how he could paint realistically, but was exploring a new form of art by making his art disgusting and shocking. What a crock! That’s like claiming that Newton’s alchemical pursuits were legitimate because he also developed calculus. Or that Roger Ver’s Bitcoin Cash pursuits were legitimate because he once promoted Bitcoin.