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Bitcoin Songsheet: Airline Miles Are The Original Altcoins Today

In 1999, a civil engineer by the name of David Phillips managed to earn 1.2 million miles by taking advantage of a promotion by Healthy Choice. He did this by mailing in UPC labels from their pudding cups and henceforth became known as The Pudding Guy. This became an early internet meme, like “All your base are belong to us” and the Hampster Dance.

Airline miles have a weird place in American culture. Everyone knows their uses are very limited, they have no transferability and oftentimes expire. Yet they’re seen as a way to beat the system, of getting something for free, of saving some money. We look at The Pudding Guy with envy and admiration. Here’s someone who found a loophole in the system and used it for air travel! He bent the system to his will, and got the benefits that only rich people are entitled to!

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