Bitcoin Is A One-Way Hash Function Today

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Understanding Bitcoin is a one-way hash function should make sense because a hash function cannot be reversed. Once you understand that, it is hard to go back to thinking otherwise. The secure hash algorithm or SHA-256 puts Bitcoin in a different lane, where you can share your bitcoin address without risking the security of your funds. But there is so much more.

A one-way hash function is a mathematical function that generates a fingerprint of the input, but there is no way to generate the original information twice. The genius around a secure hash function is a topic I will touch on, but Bitcoin and the whole inception behind it are akin to scrambling an egg. It is a one-way function; once the egg is cracked, the yolk cannot be placed back into the egg and sealed. Once the yolk is cooked on a hot skillet, the egg scramble cannot be turned back into the yolk. The Bitcoin algorithm is no different. The core code is essentially set in stone in cyberspace and still functions without an administrator at the helm of its creation.