Bitcoin, Bitcoiners, Truth, Beauty And Love Today


This is an opinion editorial by Tomer Strolight, editor-in-chief of Swan Bitcoin and author of “Why Bitcoin.”

I dropped into a Twitter Spaces the other afternoon focused on Bitcoin. In it were at least a dozen grown men talking about how much they loved, appreciated and admired everything about Bitcoin. Over a hundred others were listening in. The speakers compared Bitcoin to the greatest discoveries and inventions in all history — some even saying it was clearly the greatest. Their gratitude for being alive at this time in history was something they took the time to explicitly express. I wasn’t able to jump into the conversation, but if I had joined in I would have shared similar sentiments. There was tremendous respect and brotherhood in the discussion. And, although there weren’t any women speaking there today while I listened in, I’ve been with that group on other days and it is welcoming to women as well. It is a room of welcoming love for people who love Bitcoin. Ironically, it is called the “Toxic Happy Hour.” But it is anything but toxic.

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