Becoming Antifragile With Bitcoin And Beyond Today


This is an opinion editorial by Michael, a software engineer, entrepreneur and regenerative farmer.

The “Once Bitten” podcast episode with Christian Keroles and Daniel Prince got me thinking about antifragility and what it means when applied to a human as opposed to a system.

If you’re attempting to make your life antifragile there are a lot of aspects you need to address. It’s a process, and one that I have been undertaking over the last 14 years, without knowing that’s what I was doing.

It has led to a lifestyle that’s unique compared to most normies and it’s probably not for everyone. Though I’ll admit I don’t think my situation could be considered 100% antifragile, I do feel there are a lot of situations where if the world went completely tits up my family would thrive comparatively to others.

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