Casa recently hosted a virtual conference, Keyfest, during which Peter McCormack of the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast hosted a conversation with Obi Nwosu, the cofounder of U.K.-based bitcoin exchange Coinfloor, and Nick Neuman, the CEO of Casa. They discussed the future Bitcoin, specifically in the context of developing world nations, such as Nigeria.

El Salvador really took the spotlight through 2021 in terms of Bitcoin adoption in developing nations. The legal tender law and the scale at which things were rolled out in response to that legislation were truly historical and at a scale unlike anything that has happened in the history of Bitcoin. There has never been a top-down directed adoption of Bitcoin like this anywhere else in the world and regardless of the hiccups that have happened along the way so far, or any potential pitfalls that could still lay ahead, this is a development for the history books.

By Antoni