This is an opinion editorial by Arman The Parman, a Bitcoin educator passionate about privacy and contributor to Bitcoin Magazine.

Make sure you go through the other piece “Using Bitcoin Hardware Wallets” first. I will skim through some steps and focus mostly on what is specific to ColdCard here.

This guide will be appropriate for the ColdCard MK3 and the newer Mk4.


Buy the device directly from the manufacturer, Coinkite. This is mandatory; don’t buy from Amazon, Ebay or used, to eliminate the possibility of tampering by a scammer who may later try to steal your bitcoin. You’ll need to get a micro SD card as well (the smallest and cheapest will do) and for this Amazon is probably your cheapest option (or locally and quicker, Walmart or Target, etc, also usually carry them). You’ll need a connection cable as well, as one does not come with the device. You might have one lying around from an old phone, or just buy one.

By Antoni