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A Review Of Cryptotag’s Multi-Share Titanium Seed Phrase Solution, Odin Today

This is an opinion editorial by Shawn Amick — all thoughts and recommendations are entirely the authors and not an official Bitcoin Magazine endorsement.

Cryptotag recently allowed me to test one of their latest products, Odin, which is a unique product that means to secure self-custodied keys with a set of titanium, laser-etched hexagons that each store a partial key (a “share”) that is split using Shamir Secret Sharing.

Shamir Secret Sharing

Shamir Secret Sharing allows you to split your seed into m “shares” where any n of them can be used to rebuild your original seed. But anyone holding less than n shares does not even have a partial copy of your seed. This also means that you can lose mn recovery shares and still be able to rebuild your seed. A more detailed explanation is available here.

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