4 Easiest Ways to Make Money From Crypto Game Axie Infinity, Ethereum Exchangeable

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The NFT crypto game Axie Infinity is touted as one of the games with significant growth today. Claimed to be inspired by Pokemon, this game is one of the reasons the price of cryptocurrencies, especially Ethereum, has increased dramatically.

Carrying the Play-to-Earn concept, Axie gives its players the opportunity to earn NFT just from playing which can be exchanged for fiat money.

For information, Axie Infinity is a crypto game that runs on Ethereum blockchain technology, by playing this game, you can get tokens.

In this game, players can fight, collect, raise and build land empires for pets called Axies.

All assets in the game including Axie genetic data can be easily accessed by third parties because the game is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

This will allow community developers to build their own tools and experiences within the Axie Infinity Universe.

At the time of writing, the price of the game’s native token, AXS, is above US$110 as new ATH after experiencing a massive spike.

Although it is not difficult to get money from this game, you still need initial capital. The price also varies depending on the skills possessed by the pet, with an average price of between the US $ 110 – US $ 350 using ETH.

Here are the five best ways to make money in the game Axie Infinity, quoting from Blockchainmedia:


Axies, the adorable pets in the game, can be used to fight monsters in “Axie Infinity Adventure” mode. Players can also fight other players in the arena (PvP).

Battling Axies allow players to earn in-game rewards. Completing battles to win leaderboard rewards is also an option.

You can exchange gifts for fiat currency if players wish.

Pet breed

Players also have the option to breed Axies and generate powerful new breeds to fight or sell in the market.

The key to making more money is to level up your Axies so they can be sold at competitive prices in the market.

Collecting Small Love Potions (SLP)

You can also earn points from SLP, which is a potion used to breed Axies. Players can farm, collect and sell their SLP in the market.

Lend Axies

As user interest continues to grow, players can also lend their Axies to players who can’t afford them so they can give the game a try.

Those who borrow Axies will pay a commission to the lender.

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