4 CryptoTab’s Money Making Applications, Available on Google Play Store

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Here are 4 CryptoTab’s money-making applications that you can try to earn.

The money-making application is basically a Bitcoin cryptocurrency generator where users can do mining or mining.

Compiled from the Teknobie YouTube channel, here are 4 money-making applications that are included in the CryptoTab family.

CryptoTab Lite

CryptoTab Lite itself is basically a browser-based on Google Chrome. CryptoTab Lite is a cryptocurrency-generating application, namely BitCoin (BTC).

The money-making app is available on the Google Play Store on Android and the App Store on iOS. This application can be used by users to do BitCoin farming with more than one smartphone.

Users can also use cloud boosting so when mining, the results they get can be doubled and free. The way to get the cloud boost is that the user needs to refer two people.

From the explanation of CryptoCompany OU as the developer, users can enjoy super-fast Internet browsing and advanced browser features, watch movies, play online games, or do whatever they usually do.

At the same time, the user can monitor his hash rate. CryptoTab Lite is a free version of the Pro version. The most visible difference is that the Lite version still has ads.

CryptoTab VPN

Just like VPN applications in general, CryptoTab VPN also provides internet access facilities from any location in the world.

Users can also do BitCoin cloud mining using this CryptoTab VPN.

The developer in the Google Play Store gave a statement that this application can be used up to 1000 devices with one account only.

CryptoTab Browser Pro Level

The advantage of CryptoTab Browser Pro Level is that it can speed up the hash rate compared to CryptoTab Lite.

With a hash rate that is already faster, plus being boosted and inviting friends, users can get much more mining results.

CryptoTab Farm

This application is available on the Google Play Store under the name CryptoTab Farm — Turn Computers into Digital Gold.

CryptoTab Farm is still included in the Crypto Family developed by CryptoCompanyOU.

Even the developers themselves advise users to make all available devices a real and fast source of income in BTC. This application has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times.

After getting the mining results from these applications, it’s time for users to make withdrawals to exchange them for your currency.

Withdrawals can be made at various exchange shops, one of which is the Crypto Store. The user must select the BTC menu in the Crypto Shop option.

Users will re-enter the application that will be withdrawn, for example, CryptoTab Lite. Before withdrawing, users are asked to confirm by email.

After confirmation, the withdrawal is successful and Rupiah money can be entered into the user’s bank account.

These are 4 CryptoTab’s money-making applications that you can try to earn.

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