21+ Free Bitcoin Mining Sites Without Deposit

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There are many ways you can do to get bitcoin assets for free. However, one of the most common ways is bitcoin mining.

Basically, bitcoin mining activities can only be done using several computer devices such as hardware.

However, recently cloud mining technology has been developed, where other users can rent or use cloud facilities that have been provided on a platform such as a website or application.

There are many free bitcoin mining sites that you can try. Some do provide these facilities for free or some provide a number of tasks to use the cloud mining facilities.

It should also be noted that the cloud mining process on several mining sites that are available for free does take a long time to get large amounts of bitcoin, but there’s no harm in trying it.

21+ Free No Deposit Bitcoin Mining Sites

Here we have summarized recommendations for free mining sites that you can try. Make sure before starting to use the mining site you have read the terms and conditions provided.

Also, make sure that you already have a bitcoin wallet or wallet that will later accommodate the bitcoins that you have obtained from the mining results.


There are many ways to get free bitcoins that you can do, one of which is mining on the eobot platform. EOBOT is a mining website that is very popular among cryptocurrency players in the world.

This platform is one of the oldest cryptocurrency mining platforms that has existed since 2013.

Besides being able to be accessed through the website, EOBOT has provided an application that you can install on your smartphone to make it easier for you to see the progress of the bitcoein or altcoin you are mining.

Using EOBOT is also quite easy, you only need to register through the official website at EOBOT.com, then fill in the correct information.

On the main page, you will see a lot of altcoins that you can mine. After logging in, please search for the product and click on the faucet to get Gh/s.

Oh yes, eobot also provides a paid version, where the paid version will provide additional speed (Ghs). So that the bitcoin mining process that you do is faster.


To get free bitcoins using Crypto tab, you can download a browser or use the google chrome plugin they provide.

At the time of registering you will get access for free and can immediately start mining bitcoin, but you can also pay to Cryptotab to increase the speed of mining bitcoin.

4 CryptoTab's Money-Making Applications, Available on Google Play Store

Cryptotab has a quite different way of mining bitcoin, later crytotab will use resources, whether it’s CPU or GPU.

So that later you don’t need to be surprised if there is a significant increase in inactivity. I suggest you use cryptotab with a high specification pc or laptop to make it faster and more powerful.

Bitfire Mining

Bitfire mining is also one of the sites that you can use to mine bitcoins for free. When registering you will get 300 Gh/s for free which you can later use for mining the bitcoin.

Unfortunately, the Gh/s provided by Bitfire Mining is a trial, so if time runs out, then you have to make an investment as required or suggested by the website.

Bitfire Mining has many facilities that will help you in mining. One of them is the real-time statistics feature, with this feature you can see the mining process carried out in detail, including how many bitcoins and cryptocurrencies you got.

Oh yes, if you are interested in using the paid version of this website, the price is also quite cheap, starting from $ 0.033/Ghs.


BITZFREE is a free cloud mining site that gives 20 GH/s to every new registrant which can later be used to mine bitcoins for free.

In addition, you can also get a 10% bonus every time you log in every day. To use BITZFREE you just need to go to the official website.

The first time you log in you will be asked to complete a security challenge that proves that you are not a robot or spam.

After entering the official website, you can register by pressing the registration button at the top right and confirming your email to be able to log in to your BITZFREE account.

In addition, bitzfree also provides additional mining speed for free by completing some of the tasks they provide.

If you are very interested in using bitzfree, they can also provide a paid version that can speed up the bitcoin mining speed, but if you are new we recommend using the free one.


Unmined.io is a cloud mining site that you can use for free and has been available since 2018.

On the official Unmined.io website, they say that they already have more than 100,000 miners who have joined and mined bitcoin on the site.

For new users, unmined provides facilities in the form of hashing power that is valid for a lifetime and can be used for mining.

Unmined also helps its users to see the payments they make every day because they always post these payments on Unmined’s official telegram, so other users can see them too. Or you can also view the last payment for the user on the unmined payouts page.

Unmined also provides a paid version that you can use to increase bitcoin mining speed by buying additional hash power.

To get additional bitcoins you can also follow the referral program they provide. The commission given is also quite large, around 20%.

Moon Bitcoin

In addition to mining bitcoin, on the Moon Bitcoin platform, you can also mine for other types of cryptocurrencies, such as eth, dash, and others.

Later, to get bitcoin for free you only need to open a browser according to the time set by Moon Bitcoin.

In addition, you can also increase your income by joining the affiliate program they provide for free. They will also give you free claims if you are diligent in logging in daily.


Cointiply is one of the bitcoin mining websites that is relatively new because it was only available in 2018.

However, Cointiply can be one of the bitcoin mining websites that you can try to get free bitcoins easily.

Several bitcoin forums provide good reviews about Cointiply, including their high payout rates.

If you look at the official Cointiply website, they already have more than 1 million users and have paid over 700 thousand dollars for their use.

To start using cointiply you can visit their official website at cointiply.com, then register with your email and start working on some of the tasks they provide, as well as using other features to get the bitcoins.

Cointiply also has a referrals program, where you can invite other people to use this website and earn 25% commission.

Besides being able to be accessed through the official website at cointiply.com, they have also provided an application for mobile that can be installed through the play store.

Bonus Bitcoin

By using the Bitcoin Bonus you can claim bitcoins every 15 minutes. Then you will also get more than 5000 satoshis in one claim.

The Bitcoin bonus also provides a 5% bonus, if you are diligent in logging in every day to their site. One of the highlights of this site is the referral program which reaches up to 50% bonus.

The referral program provided by the bitcoin bonus is also quite interesting to follow because it will give you a fairly large commission, which is 50%.

Oh yes, before using the bitcoin bonus which can be accessed through the official website, make sure you do not use ad-blocking on the browser you are using.


Unlike some previous free mining sites, bitcoinker will give you bitcoins for free by doing some of the available tasks.

The tasks given are also quite varied and will be updated every day, such as watching videos, completing captcha and much more.

Every 5 minutes you will be given to complete the task and can claim the bitcoin.

On the Bitcoinker website to get paid, they do it at the beginning of every month, so make sure that you have more than 20,000 satoshis.

It should also be noted that bitcoinker does not allow you to use a VPN or proxy while accessing their website.


FreeBitcoin.io is one of the most popular mining sites that will give you bitcoins for free. The mining system on this website is that you will only get bitcoins for free within 1 hour repeatedly and continuously.

To add your bitcoins you can also follow some of the games they provide, besides that FreeBitcoin also provides weekly sweepstakes that you can enter to get more bitcoins.

One of the advantages of this site is the referral program they provide, which is 50%. As quoted from the official freebitcoin.io page, they already have more than 403,649 users worldwide.

Bit Fun

Unlike some previous bitcoin mining sites, on the Bit Fun site to get bitcoin for free, you only need to play and win the games they provide.

There are many types of games that you can play on the Bit Fun website, besides that you can also claim bitcoins for free every 3 minutes.

Similar to some previous bitcoin mining sites, on this site, the referral program provided is also 50%. Every bitcoin that you have collected can be withdrawn directly to your bitcoin wallet address if it reaches a minimum of 10,000 satoshis.


SurveyTime is run by Persona.ly – a global mobile ad technology company that works with the world’s largest market research firm to provide live exclusive survey campaigns. It is the only survey panel that offers users instant surveys with truly instant rewards.

With SurveyTime, there is no complicated point system to figure out. Each time you complete a survey, you will receive an instant $1 reward of your choosing (from the available reward options).

No need to wait for points approval or payment – everything is instant! Can be cashed out via PayPal, Bitcoin made through Coinbase, Amazon e-vouchers, and electronic gift cards including Walmart, Target, and more. Note that reward options will vary by country.


CoinPayU is a site that can earn bitcoins just by clicking on ads. You can get unlimited bitcoins.

In addition, you can invite new users and earn passive Bitcoin. All your earnings here are protected as well as the security and privacy of your account.

The minimum withdrawal is 0.001 Bitcoin (10,000 satoshis). No charge. Your payment will be processed within 72 business hours.

You can also join the available affiliate programs to increase the number of bitcoins you get. The commission given varies, depending on the amount of payment and account level, from 10 to 50%.


TimeBucks is a reward site, you can earn money after doing various tasks and activities that you already do every day.

You can earn money doing things like taking surveys, posting on social media, watching videos, voting, installing free apps, playing games, and more!

TimeBucks is unique from other rewards sites in that they pay with real money, not gift cards, and TimeBucks has many unique tasks they create that no other site has! TimeBucks also pays weekly through with a low minimum payout of $10.

In addition to making withdrawals via bitcoin, this website also provides several other payment options, such as PayPal, payeer, bitcoin, skrill, Neteller, airtm, and many more.


BTCClicks is one of the free bitcoin mining and faucet websites that has been around for a long time, since 2013.

To get bitcoin from this website is quite easy, you only need to click at a predetermined time and later you will get 0.00006 mBTC per click.

What’s more interesting, this website provides a referral program where you can get a commission of up to 80%.

This website also provides premium member features, where you will be given an increased click reward of 0.00002 mBTC per click.

As for the withdrawal process, it can be done, if you have managed to collect 0.1000 mBTC and of course it is done without any discount fees or without taxes.


Bitland.pro is a free bitcoin mining website that has been developing since 2017. On the official website, this website already has more than 654,787 registered and mining users.

For the free version, Bitland users can get 2000 Gh/s which can be used to mine bitcoins.

In addition, there is also a bonus that will be distributed every 60 minutes with several tasks to do.

In addition to bitcoin, this website also allows users to mine other cryptocurrencies, such as dogecoin, litecoin, Tron, and tether.

Oh yes, in addition to the free version, Bitland also provides a paid or premium version that you can get starting at a price of $ 1 which of course with an increase in Gh / s and a higher bonus.


As the name implies, the freemining.co website will provide you with cloud mining services for free.

To start mining bitcoin on this website is quite easy, you only need to access the website at freemining.co. Then on the main page fill in the bitcoin address and pin form, then press start mining.

This website also provides luck games that you can play to get even more bitcoins. The paid version provided by freemining.co can be purchased starting at 0.002 BTC.

What’s more interesting, on the main page of this website, it provides a real-time payouts feature that you can use to see the last payment made.


The bimine website will give you 500 Gh/s for free at the time of registration which can be used to mine bitcoins.

To start mining bitcoin on this website is also quite easy, you just need to go to the official page and enter your bitcoin address, and then press starts mining.

You can also use the premium version provided with prices ranging from 0.0005 BTC – 0.05 BTC with an estimated daily profit of 1.50% To 3.2%.

The withdrawal process can be done if the bitcoins you collect have reached 0.004 BTC.


By registering for free on the citymine.cc website you can get 111 GH/S which can be used for mining.

In addition to providing bitcoin mining processes, this website also has several other mining options, such as litecoin, dogecoin, bch & USD.

As quoted from the official website, this website already has 91,458 registered users. On the main page of the website, you can also see the last withdraw and last deposit process.

To speed up the mining process you can buy gh/s at a price of 1 GH/S = 0.01 USD. This website also has a referral feature that will give you 5 GH/S after successfully inviting other people to join according to the terms and conditions.


Bluemagic.cloud allows users to mine with various options, such as bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, bch & USD.

Every new user who registers will get 100 Gh/s which can be used to start the mining process.

On their website page, they already have more than 201,540 users with a total investment of $325,5307.

Apart from that, each user can also increase their gh/s speed with prices starting from 1Gh/s = 0.01 USD.

The following is a list of minimum withdrawals or withdrawals: USD 3, BTC 0.0015, ltc 0.05, doge 1000, eth 0.1, and bch 0.01.


After being established in 2014, MinerGate, which is one of the free bitcoin mining platforms, has grown.

This can be seen from the development of the platform they have. If in the past it could only be accessed via a PC, now they have provided a mobile application as well.

If you are interested in using Minergate you can easily register through their platform. Minergate provides two options that you can choose from when mining, namely mobile mining and buying cloud mining.

Mobile mining means that you will be mining bitcoin using a smartphone for free. For the second option or buying cloud mining, the mining process can be done without using a smartphone and only needs to access their platform.

Oh yes, for the mining process using a smartphone, it will be adjusted to the specifications of the cellphone you have. The higher the specification, of course, the faster the mining process is carried out.

Those are some free bitcoin mining websites without a deposit that you can try to get bitcoin without capital.

Although it is available for free, most of these bitcoin mining sites have a long time to get those bitcoins. So the point is to be patient and persistent.

Oh yes, from the many recommendations for mining websites above, you also have to be diligent in checking on the internet whether the website is still legit or paying, so that the mining process you are doing is not in vain.

If you want the mining process to be faster and easier to do, you can buy or use the premium version provided by each website.

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